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To make a movie it is first of all very necessary for the person to have a software through which he can make that particular movie and in order to have the software you must know how to have that software with you. Download Windows Movie Maker Windows 8 is another software which has been established to provide the services of making a movie in the most appropriate manner. This can be handled when you come to know about all the qualities of this particular software which is very necessary for.

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Movie Makerfor Windows 8

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With Movie Maker Windows 8, it’s easier than ever to create and share your own movies. Your movie projects can go wherever your creativity and imagination take them. Additionally, in Windows 8, DVD Maker can take your saved movies and burn them on a DVD.

Works great on Windows. Windows and Office users will find Movie Maker familiar and easy to use and will love the way it works well with other Windows Live Essentials applications such as Windows Live Photo Gallery.
Easy to create beautiful videos and slide shows. Innovative features such as Auto Movie help you generate a polished movie from your videos, photos and music or choose from a variety of transitions and effects to customize your creation and make it really stand out.
Easy to share. Movie Maker Windows 8 allows you to share your movie across a TV, PC and mobile device.

Current version Movie Maker Windows 8

  • It is a tool that helps stabilize videos. This can be corrected when moved or run.
  • Be able to incorporate music through several online pages about music, besides that you have in the PC.
  • This version incorporates several innovations that allow to make all type of films and videos.
  • Ability to take advantage of hardware graphics acceleration of modern Windows.
  • New effects for the words of the text that includes in your films.
    Save with video format for high definition HD.
  • Improved version in the control of the tracks of music and locution. Under the video there is an audio (sound wave) graphic. It also helps to synchronize the image with the sound part of the video. Other tools to boost the audio that interests you most: for example the video, the music you add or the locution you want to add.
  • Direct option to share your videos or movies on the Internet (youtube, vimeo, etc).